12 Interactive Presentation Software: Grab and Hold an Audience’s Attention

hen you create a presentation, you want your audience to be engaged, to learn something new, to get excited, etc. But in the era of smart toasters and mobile phones in watches (wristphones), traditional linear PowerPoint presentations have lost almost all of their effect. Luckily, progress isn’t just about making once innovative things old-fashioned, it is also (and rather) about development. In the case of presentations, the development is interactivity.

What Is an Interactive Presentation?

An interactive presentation is one that has some content objects you can interact with: hotspots, navigation, pop-up boxes, etc. This feature helps grab the audience’s attention and boost learner engagement.

We’ve collected the 12 best tools that’ll let you make your presentations interactive. Choose the one that works best for you and take your student learning experience to the next level. Read more.