30+ Best Online Learning Collaboration Tools

Collaboration in learning means we learn something together, by working in groups on tasks, projects, or concepts. When we collaborate, our ideas complement each other, so it helps to break down information silos and enhance the experience of every single learner.

Online collaboration is the process in which digital technologies help us work together when we are apart. It has never been more urgent than now, during the pandemic, and it’s more important than ever to bring students together and engage them in training remotely. Now, there are plenty of online learning collaboration tools for any task. It’s pretty hard to choose a proper one from abundant tools.

These 30+ online learning collaboration tools will support you on the way to establishing a truly collaborative eLearning environment. We’ve divided them into categories to match your current tasks. Check out this listicle and experiment with them to find out which ones work best for you.

Content Curation Tools

To collaborate on an online course plan or a lesson, gathering and managing relevant info is a critical starting point. In classes, students can collect images for group art projects or share articles for research, thereby learning how to work with digital archives together. Either way, content curation tools will help you facilitate the collecting and sharing of textual and visual information. Their powers for collaboration in eLearning are clear, so let’s dive into them. To read more.