360 Images an effective approach by Articulate Storyline

Most educational and corporate institutions are adopting eLearning as a tool for training. To develop an eLearning course, you can find plenty of best eLearning authoring tools in the marketing. Articulate Storyline 360 images is one of the leading authoring tool to develop interactive and engaging eLearning courses

360° Images is one of the latest features that Articulate Storyline 360 has released in its latest version 3.54.25674.0

The features that have been included in Articulate Storyline in regards to 360° image are as follows:

A 360° picture is a multi-dimensional image or photograph that catches a subject from every possible perspective. With the latest update in Storyline 360, we can use 360° images to create elearning modules with engaging components like markers, hotspots, and added triggers, with which users will be able to navigate every possible perspective of a virtual environment within the project and develop learner’s skills eventually.

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