4 Ways to Increase The Learning Effectiveness Of Mobile Learning

Mobile devices are an effective learning and training aid. They are handy and provide anytime, anywhere learning. However, the overall impact and effectiveness of mobile learning depend on multiple factors.

In this blog, I will focus on 4 ways in which you can improve learning effectiveness of mobile learning.

An Overview
An increasing number of learners are using their tablets and smartphones to take up courses in their domain knowledge and to develop their skill sets. We can also see an increased demand for bite-sized learning and learning on the go. The course completion rates are higher on mobile devices. Also, learners appreciate having more control over their learning sessions. Learners are keen on learning on their mobile devices.

Importance Of Learning Effectiveness
Learning effectiveness refers to the degree to which learning outcomes have been achieved or that learning is effective. It shows how effective was learning or training in helping learners gain relevant knowledge or skills. According to Edgar Dale’s “Cone of Learning” (Figure 1), after two weeks of learning, we tend to remember and apply only 10% of what we read, but remember a remarkable 90% of what we do or apply in a real-life scenario.
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