5 Best eLearning Platforms to Drive Corporate Training

Are you looking for an eLearning platform that will help you streamline your employee training? There are many solutions that are worth exploring, but we’ll go with the five most popular platforms in this post. We’ll analyze their main features, consider their pros and cons, and compare their pricing to help you make a more informed choice. But before taking a detailed look at each software, let’s see what an eLearning platform is and how it works.
What Is an eLearning Platform?
In general, an eLearning platform is considered to be an information system that schools, universities, and corporations use for teaching/training. However, there’s no agreement of what specific features it should definitely have.

Some consider it to be more like a content management system (CMS), some see it as a learning management system (LMS), others regard an eLearning platform as a computer-supported collaborative learning system (CSCLS), and still, others see it as a virtual community of students, tutors, and professors using knowledge management (KM) strategies.

In this article, we’ll consider an eLearning platform to be an LMS and will define it as a software for managing online training. An LMS automates the most boring and tedious parts of training such as grading, processing statistics, and generating reports. Plus, regarding corporate training, it allows you to educate your employees without leaving the office, managing all the processes right from your work computer. As for employees, they can learn anytime, anywhere online, even through their smartphones. Read more