5 Microlearning Formats to Use in 2020 for Maximum Impact

Microlearning has emerged as a great model to impart knowledge and concepts quickly. In this blog, I will discuss the five microlearning formats that we recommend for delivering high impact microlearning.

In one of my previous articles, “Make Your Microlearning Interventions Work To Achieve Your Training Goals”, I mentioned that for microlearning to be truly microlearning, it needs to have the following features:

  1. It has to be a standalone piece of content.
  2. It must focus on a specific learning outcome.
  3. It should include rich multimedia, game-based strategy, and so on to
    engage the learners.

With these, microlearning can create the right impact on the learners’ mind and thus, in turn, reflect in their performance.

There are five formats that we recommend for a good microlearning intervention.

  1. Videos
    Videos are a great way to create maximum impact in microlearning. Short impactful videos with thought-provoking questions in the end, can help learners understand the concept well and apply it on their job. An impactful video with the right use of visuals can go a long way in helping learners recall the concept well and leave a lasting impression on the mind of the learner. We believe videos will continue to be the most preferred format of delivering microlearning content in 2020 also.
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