50 Free Teaching Tools That Aid Classroom Learning

In the digital world we live in now, it is essential that teachers equip themselves with innovative educational technology tools. Technology is a trustworthy assistant that helps to make the teaching and learning processes more enjoyable and effective.

We’ve compiled an extensive list of free tools for teaching that will take your classroom to the next level and transform passive learning into active exploration. For the sake of convenience, we have grouped the tools carefully. Check out this listicle and experiment with the tools to find out which ones work best in your local context.

Tools for Building Interactive Lessons

This is a category of dynamic and interactive educational tools that make learning engaging for the students. They give life to your lessons with sound, videos, infographics, assessments, quizzes, and animation.

1. iSpring Free

iSpring Free

iSpring Free is an eLearning authoring tool that allows you to turn boring PowerPoint presentations into mobile-compatible online courses with quizzes. The main advantage of the tool is its simplicity. Its intuitive interface enables any novice course developer to create an unlimited number of courses quickly and easily.

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