Adding background image in Lectora

As we add watermark for documents; is it possible to do the same for lectora projects. I know chapter cover image can be added but that does not adjust itself according to the browser window size. The issue is, the
image appears just as an image in the background but doesn’t cover-up the entire space so it is not giving the same effect as watermark…
Can anyone tell me is it possible to do the above in Lectora; if yes please let me know how???

Yes,it is possible.
What you can try is just insert an external HTML object at the
title level and make it of type ‘ Meta Tags’ and then add the image .

I tried that but I’m not getting the desired results :worried:

Hello James,
It seems Tyler missed to mention that you need to change the code to [/CODE] and do remember to set the image as hidden.

Thanks Lee for responding :smile: