Adding Silence to audio in captivate

I just embedded an audio file in a captivate slide; now I want to add silence at the beginning as well as at the end of the audio.When I try doing this the silence is added and is also saved my me but when i open the file again there exist no silence block neither at the beginning nor at the end of the audio.Kindly suggest some solution…

A simple solution to this is move the audio file right(left) on the timeline of the the slide in which you want to insert silence to the audio.

Thank you for the suggestion,When I moved the audio right silence was added in the beginning but I’m not able to add silence at the end.

First add slide duration then move the audio file to left on timeline and the play; now there will be silence at the end of the audio.

Now I got it; made changes accordingly.Working as desired.
Thanks :smiley:

Is this a bug as I have the same problem in Captivate 2019, but can’t use the solution as the slide already has audio on it, so I am adding the audio to a character who appears at the first frame, but I don’t want to have him speak for 5 seconds, so I’d thought I’d add 5 seconds of silence at the beginning, but each time it is saved, just like the original post, when previewed or reopened in ‘Object Audio’ it is no longer there.

Any ideas?