Articulate Rise 360 - Responsive eLearning Development

Articulate Rise 360 is an eLearning authoring tool that helps create responsive eLearning courses for any device. The articulate Rise authoring tool is integrated with a web-based course builder which helps us with responsive eLearning development.

In this blog, let us understand more about Articulate Rise 360 to avail its features to the best of our knowledge:

Browser-based Efficiency: Articulate Rise 360 is no longer limited to a PC. You can work on it on a web-based browser, irrespective of the device you are using. You don’t need to download and install the software. Rise 360 is the authoring tool made in sync with the latest trends, to be used on a web-based browser – say Chrome – to create eLearning courses. To put it precisely, you can build courses online.

Effective Responsiveness: As technology progressed, numerous new-gen devices are being invented – in various shapes and formats, and the need for responsiveness took the centre stage. In ‘responsive eLearning design’, the same eLearning course is accessible for multiple devices in a suitable way, fitting to the device’s dimensions.

Using the latest web technologies, Rise 360 automatically adopts an eLearning course, for whatever device you use – personal computer, laptop, tab, smartphone of different sizes and dimensions, supporting multi-device responsive learning. In this way, the users can have an optimal view and learning experience.

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