Articulate Storyline: Navigate back to content screen upon selecting incorrect answer in final quiz

Articulate Storyline in recent times has evolved as one of the most sought-after authoring tools. It provides the ease of creating engaging rapid eLearning without any programming knowledge.

Recently, we received a requirement where the client wanted us to create compliance eLearning with Review Feedback option for assessment remediation. This means whenever learners answer a question incorrectly, they should be redirected back to the topic/remediation slide for a quick review before attempting the question again.

In this way, the learners are provided with multiple attempts till they get the right answer. This review feedback approach in eLearning remediates the learners’ misunderstanding and provides a chance to reflect on why they have failed.

Using Storyline’s variables, you can present dynamic content based on your learner’s activity and other defined conditions. Variables can store learner input or quiz results and use the information to present dynamic content based on specific criteria.

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