Best 20 Explainer Video Software for Every Budget and Skill Level

This is a roundup of 20 explainer video software solutions that can help you create compelling animated videos and improve your marketing. For your convenience, we’ve divided them into five groups, from live-action video tools to animated video software. Share them on social media or bookmark this article to revisit any time.

What are Explainer Videos?

An explainer video is a short video that focuses on explaining a product, service, or concept. It’s typically used in online marketing to demonstrate how something works or what a company does. It can be made as a live-action video, a cartoon with animated characters, or an illustrated whiteboard story. Companies often place them on their websites or social media channels.

No matter what type of explainer video you want to create, a well-made, high-quality explainer video can help promote your business, entice customers to try your product or service, and boost conversions. Read more.