Coming Soon: New iSpring Suite Max for Productive Teamwork on Courses

This August, we’re releasing the new iSpring Suite Max, a pro solution for eLearning authors that will change the way they work on content projects.

iSpring Suite Max will replace the iSpring Suite Full Service plan and will include all of its features, plus so much more.

Here’s a quick tour of the new features (we’ll follow up with the detailed overview of each one):

You’ll be able to create courses on the fly, right in your browser, with an intuitive cloud-based authoring tool.
The online space for teamwork and collaboration will speed up content development as it will allow several authors to work on the same project.
iSpring Suite Max will bring simplicity and order to the project approval process with stakeholders. You won’t have to email copies of your project to SMEs or supervisors anymore — sending a link will be sufficient!
For experienced content developers, we’ll make the open JavaScript API available to allow building a custom course player or receiving more data on user interactions with content. These options are helpful for those who are looking for advanced ways to work with and control iSpring content within their systems and services. Read more.