Converting html5 course to SCORM compliant

How can I create a course using html5 & css and then make it LMS ready ? All LMS seem to have an option to upload SCORM packages. Can I somehow convert this html5 course to a SCORM compatible package?

my two cents: all scorm content is nothing but embedded HTML, so when you are creating a scorm course, you are actually using HTML to do so.
For existing HTML content, try using a content creation tool like articulate, or captivate. They should have some options to import existing HTML data.

We have been recently juggling with the idea of creating SCORM content with native html as well. In my research, have come across this tool :
It creates the manifest file automatically, rather than having to manually write it. Still have not tried the tool. If anyone has any experience with it or any other, will be most helpful.

There’s a much easier way to create a SCORM-compliant HTML5 course than programming it from scratch. Just use an authoring tool as described in this article, and voila!

Hope that helps. :smile:

Hi, I already responded to AvaFoster, but I saw your comment and thought you might also be interested in this tool that handles SCORM manifest files automatically. (It’s a PPT-based authoring tool.) Here’s an article that takes you through the simple process. is a cloud-based authoring tool that exports mobile friendly HTML SCORM objects (Business plans only, which start at $49.95 a month for 3 authors). You simply publish the SCORM object from any Lesson or Quiz module and add it to your existing LMS. An added benefit of using a could-based platform for publishing is that you can keep your training up to date without having to republish the SCORM objects every time you make a small change. Easy Generator and Versal are 2 other platforms worth checking out.