Corporate Training September 3, 2021 Training Program Evaluation: How To Achieve Perfection

Many companies implement training to improve their employee productivity and work performance. But how can you actually tell that it works? And how do you know what you should fix in your courses to make them more effective? The best way is to start evaluating training programs.

In this article, you’ll learn what training evaluation is, why it is important, and how it can benefit your company. You’ll also learn about the best evaluation models and tools you can use to assess the quality of your programs.

What Is Training Program Evaluation?

Training program evaluation is the regular analysis of how efficient and effective training programs are. It involves feedback from learners, comparing their job performance before and after the program, accomplishing the company’s strategic priorities, and much more.

Why Evaluate Training

It helps companies find out whether training programs meet their goals and objectives. The results of training evaluation are used to improve training programs, or cancel them if they prove unsuccessful.

Benefits of Training Evaluation

Evaluating whether your training is sufficiently effective obviously requires additional resources. Still, the benefits of training evaluation outweigh the challenges. In short, it helps companies:

  • Discover loopholes in courses. A part of training evaluation is to assess the quality of employees’ work, which might reveal some loopholes in training programs. Let’s say the quiz results show that almost all of your workers failed the question on data security. Then, upon checking the course, you discover that this issue is not addressed adequately. As a result, you might add a module on data security to the training program.
  • Save money. By comparing training costs to results achieved by training, companies can see how profitable courses are, which training programs are worth investing in, and which are a waste of money and time.
  • Improve materials and tools. Without training evaluation, it’s impossible to gauge the quality of the learning content and the effectiveness of the tools they use to build courses. Do learners drop courses after a few slides? Your introduction might not be engaging enough. Try shooting a motivational video to trigger their interest and explain why the course is important. By analyzing the evaluation results, you can see both weak and strong points, and adjust training programs accordingly. Read more.