Create my first elearning - Need advice

I would like to start building content and selling it to companies, I will hire experts to do so, I am more the topic expert and sales guy. I am a newbie, and I am finding out there are lots of things to take into consideration. Do you know of any good MOOC or training that will allow me to know how to execute on my idea?

My goal is to develop several training modules in different languages; those modules should have compelling voice over animations and quizzes. I would like the content to be compatible with the most used LMS platforms and also mobile devices.

I don´t even know what I don´t know, but so far I got lots of questions :slight_smile:
-Which one are the most used LMS platforms in medium/big corporations?
-Which standards are the most compatible with the main LMS platforms? I´ve read there are Tin Can API, SCORM, AICC,…
-Which software do you use to develop content with voice over animations, quizzes, multiple languages, etc.? I would like a solution that allows for easy customization of the content based on client needs
-Where do you hire good animators? What makes an animator good?
-Where do you hire good translators?
-Which kind of professionals would you need to partner with to start an adventure like this one? I imagine an animator, instructional designer, etc…


Hi Dan
In reply to one of the questions you asked above i.e.

As far as software is concerned, you can use authoring tools like articulate 360 or adapt learning.