Customer Service Skills Training – How to Run It Online

The quality of the customer service your company provides will have a direct impact on how successful your business becomes. And that’s exactly why customer service skills training is so vital.

If you intend to train your employees on how to deal with customers and need some tips on how to plan out, create, and distribute your training, then look no further. This article covers all the essential information you’ll need to launch an effective and engaging learning experience.

Table of Contents

What Is Customer Service Training?

Customer service skills training is intended to improve customer support, experience, and consequent satisfaction. Great training is ongoing and revolves around developing skills, competencies, and tools that will help employees provide clients with a rich customer journey.

This type of training can be delivered in person, through eLearning, or using a blended approach. It usually includes:

  • Product knowledge training
  • Customer interaction training (e.g., dealing with an angry customer, reframing in a negotiation, building trust)
  • Training on market-specific communication style and language policy
  • Technical training (e.g., using different software and tools of the trade)
  • Industry-specific training (e.g., training on white labels or ancillaries if you work in the travel industry)
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