Did you tried free elearning authoring tool?

Now, with iSpring Free, you can create quizzes too! Plus, the new release introduces a cleaner, simpler interface which helps you do your tasks faster.

iSpring Free is extraordinarily easy to use free elearning authoring tool. You simply create slides in PowerPoint and click on Publish. If you opt to publish your presentation as a SCORM course, you can upload the .zip file to an LMS and track how your learners progress.

Courses created with iSpring Free instantly adapt to every screen and play beautifully on tablets, smartphones, and laptops. The result is true learning on the go for your users, as they have reliable 24/7 access to your content from their devices of choice.

To better illustrate your questions or simply to juice them up, add pictures, audio, and video to question slides. If you create tests on maths, chemistry, or other STEM disciplines, you’ll definitely enjoy the option to easily build equations and formulas.

And if you’re looking for more versatile and creative types of questions, e.g., Drag-and-Drop, Hotspot, or Word Bank, check out iSpring Suite.

You can go and download the latest version right now, or read on for the nitty-gritty details of how to build quizzes in iSpring Free.