DominKnow | ONE Tool – Review, Features and Overview

We at Swift have developed an eLearning module for one of our clients using DominKnow | ONE. Our client is a hospitality management company that specializes in training the personnel in the field of room services and hotel management.

Being a Rapid development authoring tool, DominKnow has a wide variety of in-built features that has helped us to develop the module in a very short time-span. We have developed the course using eLearning strategies like interactivities (clickable tabs, flip-cards, drag and drops) and assessments (Multiple choice, single and multiple select).

In this blog we will share our experiences about working/ creating projects in the DominKnow | ONE authoring tool and the features it contains.

Dominknow | ONE is an all-in-one cloud-based eLearning authoring tool that helps you in developing engaging and effective learning content by;

  • Reducing the number of tools you need to develop eLearning content
  • Centralizing content management
  • Reusing assets
  • Collaborating as a team

Dominknow | ONE combines Claro classic course authoring with PowerPoint conversion and Flow responsive authoring, allowing you to build eye-catching eLearning courses.

Dominknow | ONE can also help you to build a range of responsive content for formal learning, performance support, and micro-learning applications in addition to eLearning material. With a range of templates and digital assets, it allow you to create dynamic and engaging learning experiences on any device with no restrictions or alterations.

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