eLearning for Nonprofit Organizations: How to Support Training with an LMS

One of the biggest challenges nonprofit organizations face is working within a limited budget. Not only does this budget have to cover salaries and other overhead, but it also needs to be stretched to train employees, donors, board members, and volunteers on key messages. Training on this scale can be pricey and incredibly time-consuming. However, such organizations can save significant costs and time by launching eLearning.

This article covers all the essential information organizations need to know about the benefits of eLearning for nonprofits, and how it can revolutionize their current training model.

Advantages of Using eLearning In Nonprofit Organizations

eLearning has become increasingly popular in the world of nonprofits because it solves many of the major pain points nonprofits encounter in upskilling employees and volunteers, such as

  • eLearning gives organizations the flexibility to train multiple people in multiple locations and time zones.

  • eLearning reduces training costs since businesses don’t need to pay for employee and trainer travel, infrastructure and classroom maintenance, facilitators’ salaries, and documentation.

  • eLearning frees up time for trainers and SMEs to focus on other important tasks, like improving learning content.

  • eLearning provides a quick and effective way to deliver training against the clock to avoid trainers burning out.

  • The right eLearning approach enables better learning management, assuring that all employees are trained.

All in all, eLearning has made training more accessible for nonprofits, making them better equipped to reach their goals. Read more.