eLearning Project Management: Putting the “Pro” in Project

Being an eLearning professional can feel like a delicate balancing act while juggling many balls. From writing and editing to design and development, it takes many hands to get the job done. But even with a talented team, incredible ideas, and the best tools on the market, you won’t go very far without proper planning and oversight. Now meet eLearning project management – the practice of making sure that every part of the eLearning development process runs synchronously, on time, and to standard!

In this article, we’re going to guide you on how to manage an eLearning project, and why it’s important.

What Is an eLearning Project?

An eLearning project aims to create an engaging and informative online course that helps learners achieve the desired learning outcomes, but this is from the macro perspective. From the micro perspective, an eLearning project involves the effective coordination of your development team to build the course to standard and launch it.

In short, eLearning projects are highly collaborative and multi-functional accomplishments that often include the following roles:

eLearning project participants

While each role is critical to the success of an eLearning project, such a variety of specialists, experts, and stakeholders poses a few obstacles… Read more