How to Add Action Buttons to Set Up Navigation and Commands in PowerPoint

An action button is a built-in shape you can add to your slides and set to hyperlink to another slide, play a sound, or perform some other action. This is a great way to add interactivity and navigation to your presentation with minimal effort.

Without action buttons, you would first add a shape such as a rectangle, then add some other elements like an arrow so that it looks like a button, and finally set the same actions for all the elements. An action button is already an entire unit that looks like a button that is expected to be clicked. The only thing you need to do is assign an action to it.

Action Button Types

PowerPoint offers a range of action buttons – those looking like a Home, a Video Camera, a Sound, a Question Mark icon, to name a few. Now let’s take a look at the default behaviors that are programmed in PowerPoint for the action buttons:

  1. Back or Previous: Go to the previous slide of the presentation. Read more