How to Create a Likert Scale Survey

A Likert scale survey is an effective way to gauge your employee’s attitude to their work, training, office, or other work-related subjects. In this article, we’ll show you how to create an online Likert scale survey fast and hassle free, but first, let’s see what it is and where it came from.

What Is a Likert Scale Survey?

Rensis Likert was a social psychologist. In his thesis, he developed a special scale that lets you choose between more than 2 answers. A quiz with such a scale is called a Likert scale survey. Let’s see the difference between these questions and binary ones.

Binary questions like “yes/no” or “good/bad” don’t let you see all the semitones between “poor” and “excellent.”

Binary questions

The Likert scale survey does. On average, it offers 5 answers to 1 question. The answers cover a range of different attitudes, from very negative to very positive.

How to create a Likert scale survey

Depending on the topic of a survey, answers can reflect the level of satisfaction, quality, happiness, difficulty, probability, or agreement. Read more.