How to Create an Instructional Design Portfolio that Makes You Shine

An instructional design portfolio is an important tool that allows freelance instructional designers to demonstrate their capabilities and helps them build their professional practice. If you want to do more freelance work, are looking for a job, or want to submit your work for awards, you’ll need an eye-catching online presence with samples of your work.

In this article for novice IDs looking to create their online portfolio and seasoned IDs who still don’t have a portfolio, we’ll discuss the why, what, and how of creating a great instructional design portfolio.

Why Should You Have an Instructional Design Portfolio?

There are three main reasons why you need a portfolio of your work:

Demonstrate your skills

If you are an experienced instructional designer and have been in corporate learning for a while, your mother still may not know what to tell people what you do when she has an occasion to talk about you to other people! We all know that showing is better than telling, and an online portfolio is a good example. Having your own space to show your skills is a gratifying experience to demonstrate to the world that you have contributed and move your profession to the next level.

Attract potential employers or clients

It goes without saying that an online eLearning and work portfolio is important for developing an instructional design career – it allows you to attract potential employers when coupled with your online social media presence. Having a single place for colleagues, bosses, and others to look at your work is important when sending out resumes in a job search or when tweeting about new software, development, or research elements. It shows that you have done the work and are able to comment in a credible and professional manner.

Determine your development needs

Finally, a portfolio is an excellent place to show your best work and determine where you need to develop your skills and become even more amazing! You could also set up a portfolio to determine what you’ve mastered and what you could work on in order to compare with those around you in the instructional design world. There are a huge number of instructional design portfolios online today and it’s easy to find both good and bad examples. Although comparing yourself to another person is a fruitless pursuit, learning from their example or using their portfolios as your inspiration is how all the great masters have built and honed their skills.
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