How to Create SCORM Courses for Your LMS

If you’re looking for information on how to create SCORM content, you must have come across the term SCORM. Simply put, SCORM is an international standard for eLearning courses. If your course is published in the SCORM format, you can be sure that it will display on any learning management system (LMS). Even if you decide to change your LMS someday, you can transfer all your existing SCORM content to a new platform – it will work perfectly without any tweaking.

To get a comprehensive picture of this eLearning format – how it works, why it’s important, and how to implement it in your training program – check out our complete guide on SCORM. In this article, we’ll share two ways to create SCORM courses. See which one is best suited for you.

Creating a SCORM Course: The Manual Approach

If you’re wondering what it takes to create a SCORM package from scratch without any authoring tools, here are the steps for this process