How to Increase Sales Through Online Communication Skills Training

What skills does your organization teach its sales representatives? Undoubtedly they’re taught the features and benefits of your organization’s offerings. Success would be unattainable without a basic understanding of the products or services you sell. Company onboarding probably also covers the company’s history, and might also include motivational messages from current leaders (regardless of whether this content actually helps reps meet their quotas).

But what soft skills does your organization teach its sales representatives? Are they taught empathy, problem solving, or communication? Many companies underestimate just how critical these so-called “soft” skills are. In the world of sales, effective communication can make the difference between truly connecting with customers or not, and of course, closing deals or not.

One common factor among high performing sales representatives is the ability to comfortably and confidently communicate with their colleagues and customers. While most sales reps are natural extroverts with the gift of gab, communication is certainly a skill set that can be taught, practiced, and improved over time. Read more.