How to Increase Student Engagement in Online Learning

So, your classes are now online, but you need to keep your students in line. But a disciplinary approach is no longer an option, as they can tune you out quicker than you can say Netflix. The key, then, is to enhance student engagement in your online learning. And that’s just what this article is about. Let’s keep your students on the edge of their seat/couch/bed… or wherever they happen to be during class.

Stay tuned as we ‘Zoom’ the (class)room.

What Is Engagement?

Merriam-Webster’s defines engagement as “the act of engaging: the state of being engaged,” which, in turn, is defined as being “greatly interested.”

In the context of education, engagement can be defined as a measure of a student’s participation in the learning process. This includes their interaction and cooperation with the teacher and classmates.

In short, the level of student engagement is a good measure of the likelihood that a learning experience will be successful. Read more