How to Use Interactive Training Videos as a Learning Tool

Interactive training videos are a form of media that eLearning can borrow from marketing. Interactive videos gained popularity in sales and marketing when Flash was a popular multimedia software platform to create digital media solutions.

In this blog, we will explore how interactive videos can make your training more engaging.

What Is Interactive Training Video?
An Interactive training video is a multimedia recording that can support user interactions. Users can interact with the content, navigate the storyline, reveal their choices, etc.

Interactive Training Video Vs. Linear Video
Linear video is the traditional form and most of us are familiar with it. The user can select play, pause, rewind, and fast forward the content in this type of video. On the other hand, an interactive training video allows the user to click, drag, scroll, swipe, and hover over the content revealing more details with each interaction.

Functionalities Of Interactive Videos
The most commonly used functionalities in interactive videos are:

Branching: It allows user control and personalizes the learning by allowing different paths and skipping irrelevant content.
Click and reveal: It refers to clickable content which reveals more details as the learner progresses.
Hotspots: These are clickable areas within a video, which reveal a separate web page or content within the video. more