How to Write a Course Description that Converts: 13 Tips and Best Practices

Whether you’re creating courses for a corporate library or to sell online, it’s critical to provide an accurate course outline and description. It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of writing dry course descriptions that ‘tick all the boxes.’ But if you want to captivate, create excitement and curiosity, and ultimately make students want to take or purchase your courses, you’ll need to write a course description that leaves your prospects eager to sign up.

Read on to discover how that’s done.

What Is a Course Description?

A course description can be defined succinctly as ‘all the relevant details of your course.’

This is a simplistic description and rather open-ended, but there is a reason for that. There are many types of online courses that target a variety of levels of competence and types of customers/employees.

For example, a general interest course on ‘how to knit a jumper’ will probably not have the same course description format, tone, and writing style as an online degree program from a recognized institution of higher education, but they will have similar types of information.

So, it will be helpful to break down the course description into specific areas of content – some of these would be considered ‘mandatory,’ while others can be included or left out as needed. Read more.