How to Write a Course That Will Hook Learners: Two Simple eLearning Writing Techniques

Let’s say you’ve created a training course and put it online. You run a report on your course a few days later and discover that nobody has opened it. Then you send a personal reminder to each student, emphasizing the importance of the content — and still get only a few views. So what’s wrong with your content? Chances are the issue is poor writing.

Now how to write an online course that will be both interesting and useful for the learner? Good eLearning writing includes two aspects: writing a captivating title to entice the learner to open the course, and laying out the subject clearly to keep them engaged. In this article, we will cover both aspects with two simple eLearning writing techniques.

The Title: Addressing Learners’ Pain Points to Spark Interest

The reason companies are creating online courses is that they need to train their employees on loads of important things quickly: from workplace safety to product updates and sales methods. All these aspects are important for a business, but such things rarely engage employees — especially if they’re struggling with a heavy workload or project deadlines.

Here are a few examples of boring, but necessary topics:

  • “Warehouse Safety Rules”
  • “Digital Transformation: Trends and Challenges”
  • “Sales Techniques 101: General Principles of Working With Clients”

Each of the topics listed above conveys something that is important to the business and therefore must be learned by all employees.

The trick is that you can’t make people learn something. If you want them to invest their time and effort and truly immerse themselves in the content, you need to inspire and motivate them to do so. Read more.