IMT Matcher: “With iSpring, we reduced training costs by 25%”

IMT Matcher™ provides IVF management technologies and quality management systems to fertility centers, donor banks, and other Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) centers. With iSpring, the company is training their customers and distributors in multiple locations around the world.

Ross Newman, product specialist at IMT Matcher, shares how iSpring has helped support the rapidly growing international customer base and reduce training costs by 25%.

Ross Newman, Product Specialist for IMT Matcher

IMT Matcher Background and Objectives

Our product, IMT Matcher, is barcoding software for in vitro fertilization (IVF) centers. Because our product is very niche, most of our global sales are performed via a network of distributors in different locations around the world.

The distributors, as well as our direct customers, receive training on IMT Matcher products and solutions to understand how to promote and use them in various scenarios.

Prior to iSpring, training at IMT Matcher was performed through video conferencing and physically, on-site. This entailed traveling to each individual IVF lab and performing face-to-face training.

This training approach was becoming increasingly expensive and time-consuming for us, as the IMT Matcher customer base was growing internationally. Besides, we occasionally had situations in which multiple customers needed training at the same time, and given our limited team resources, this meant that there were delays in training some customers and partners.

We needed a dynamic strategy that would allow us to offer a comprehensive training package, regardless of our users’ physical location and time zone. Keep reading