iSpring Audio/video not playing

I am inserting my ppt into iSpring and converted it to SWF or Flash. My audio or video files are not played. Can any one help me in this issue what might be the problem? I created my ppt in 2007 version and upgraded my Power point to 2010.Is the issue because of this upgrade or it related to iSpring??

Hello Harry,
First I need to know : How you are inserting you audio or video files in to PPT?Are you inserting directly or using insert object functionality or control box?

I am inserting using control box and the video which I inserted in PPT is playing fine in Windows media player.

There exist issues when you insert using control box. So you can directly insert your video or audio. Then import PPT into iSpring and convert to SWF.
No issues if you upgrade to PPT 2010.

Hello Harry!

Usually it shouldn’t be happening. However, there can be a couple of possible reasons for your video and audio files not
playing. Please find them below.

  1. If you are inserting your files with PowerPoint:

Make sure all the files are attached to the original PowerPoint presentation. The thing is that PowerPoint 2007 does not add audio files to the original presentation, so, that may be the reason they are not converted with iSpring. Try to re-insert those files and convert the presentation one more time.

  1. If you are inserting the files with iSpring’s Narration Editor:

Keep all the output files together: after conversion, iSpring creates the source folder where all the
files used in the presentation are stored. When you move this folder, move files from this folder or rename them, connection between files can be lost, and it can cause problems with playback. In order to solve the problem, find
the resources folder on your computer and place it to the same folder with the original PPT presentation. This way, the links between the presentation and the source folder should be restored.

In case the steps described above are not of help, I believe that the iSpring Support Team will help you with it right away. You can contact them at [email protected].

Hope that helps!

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Thanks Polina for the valuable suggestions :grinning:

Thanks, it is working with insert option :smile:

Friends answer this too :
Does iSpring support the play-Pause-Stop controls for video playing as PPT 2010 supports ??

Yes, iSpring supports these controls. You can enable them from ‘publish advanced settings’ tab of slide video controls and use them.