LMS Pricing Guide: Find the Pricing Model That’s Right for You

n this blog post, we’ll look into different LMS pricing models and their cost structure, and give you step-by-step instructions on how to pick the best choice for your training goals.

“People spend 59% more than they expect to on their Learning Management System,” according to Capterra. Whether you’re just getting started with eLearning in your company, or planning to change your LMS vendor, estimating the final cost of LMS implementation may seem like a full-scale investigation.

In this blog post, we’ll look at different LMS pricing models and LMS cost structures, and give you step-by-step instructions on how to make the best choice for your training goals. But first, let’s review what an LMS is.

What Is an LMS?

A learning management system is software that helps you manage the training process in a company or school. It’s like your personal virtual university that lets your learners access training materials and take online courses and quizzes, and allows you to see their results.

Here are some LMS features that make it your indispensable assistant:

  • User management . An LMS lets you add and edit users, organize them into groups, and assign them roles.

  • Content management. You can upload, manage, and deliver learning materials on a single platform.

  • Progress evaluation . An LMS helps you assess how a particular learner or a group of learners performs. It gathers stats on responses, attempts, time spent, and more, and provides you with detailed reports.

  • Training automation . In an LMS, invitations, enrollments, notifications, deadlines, etc. can be fully automated, so that you can get these tasks off your table.

  • Blended learning. You can plan live training sessions in a built-in calendar and notify participants about upcoming events. Some LMSs support hosting web meetings from their interface.

You can read about these and other LMS features in more detail in this article on LMS requirements. But now let’s move on to the five models of LMS pricing and learn what principles lie behind them. Read more