Making an object custom spin in Articulate Storyline

For my recent project,My aim is that some object added to my project should spin as the description proceeds.To be more precise I wish that different phases of the globe should be visible to the learner whenever user wishes i.e. when user clicks. for that it needs to rotate the object(globe) to a custom turn(90 degrees). Can anyone help me out to achieve this?

If you wish to add animation to an existing object in storyline file then the object needs to be copy pasted to a state; then only the applied animation can be made run.

You can achieve this using Powerpoint: Select the animation>>From effects choose custom>>enter the desired value>>Also make sure you click tab to move out of the value field(else it will revert back to previous custom angle)>> Click Ok.
Hoping this may help you…

Flash or After Effects can also be used.

Thanks everyone;
But I need to do it in Storyline only…

In storyline you can use the following steps:
Add the object>> use the quarter tun animation>> Paste the object to a new state>> Duplicate once(for 90 degrees)/Duplicate twice(for 135 degrees)and so on>> Now at the base layer the animation needs to be removed from the object(If it is desired that the object should be in its original position at the end of animation)

Thanks Brett, for providing step by step solution.
It worked for me… It was a great help.