New authoring tools bring Virtual Training to Instructional Designers and SMEs

There is little debate in the learning industry that virtual training is a powerful and effective media for gaining situational experience without the high cost of on site practical exercises and or expensive hardware. Until recently, the development of this “high tech” media has been mostly limited to larger companies who can afford to hire special skills in programming to develop the 3D animations and interactions. Enter the Next Generation of 3D content development platform provider, Modest Tree.

Modest Tree’s vision is to proliferate the use of 3D interactive courseware by making the process more accessible to instructional designers and SMEs. Not unlike the Lectoras, and Articulate Storylines for 2D animations, Modest Tree has designed two products that can place 3D content development in the hands of the resources most knowledgeable about the content being developed: ISDs and SMEs. All that is needed are the 3D models, and animations, special effects, and interactions are at your finger tips. Create 3D scenario based learning, interactive procedural/task trainers, multi-branching problem solving, gamifications, and more through an easy click, drag, and drop construct.

Modest Tree is changing the face of 3D content development. You can access a free, no strings attached, one month subscription at Check it out and post your experiences here.