Ordering of Multiple Stop Video

Hi Folks,

I inserted a video with multiple stops (8-10); using a slider to my project. But how can I set the order in which they would play? For now they are playing in the same order as they appear in timeline but I wish them to play in some other customized order; couldn’t find a way out. Please share something to get me going again!!

I guess the playing option is set as ‘automatic’ Please change it to ‘From Trigger’; This is the one mistake i could catch with your description, but if you want to know everything from start to end what has gone wrong then you need to share the project with us. Then only we can suggest you a concrete solution.

I gone through the file and after you select the playing option as ‘From trigger’ modify the triggers for the slider to start and pause the video and hence you can what you desire.

Did as you suggested but the trigger to pause the video is not working.What to do now? :disappointed:

As the video is not playing automatically, the trigger is not pausing the video.You add a layer then you can keep the video’s play option as automatic;then use the trigger.
Probably this will work…