Portuguese Transcription Services

Transcription is the jotting down of spoken words into written forms. A transcription service does not only entail transcribing spoken words into the same language but can also include transcribing into other languages. The former is referred to as Portuguese transcription Services and the later as an example can include Portuguese to English transcription or vice versa. Transcription has wide-ranging applications in various field viz. legal, medical, insurance, to name a few.

Transcription service helps your business grow (improves SEO), is necessary for documenting medico-legal cases, and has proven essential in education. However, for you to reap the benefits a transcription has to have three essential qualities – accurate, hassle-free, and cheap. Sometimes one has to compromise on one of these things to attain the other.

Portuguese transcription in this regard can prove to be unique. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Dialects – Dialects can make transcription go both ways – make it easy or arduous. For example, the Australian accent might be difficult to pick up for an AI transcriber but American and British accent is easy to pick up for the AI. A similar case can be put forward for Portuguese as well. The Portuguese language has wide-ranging dialects viz Brazilian, European, African, and Asian. Some of these dialects come easy while others are complicated for the transcriber.

  2. Medicals – While transcribing it might be very difficult to provide exact translations. This might be more so over in medical transcriptions which requires precision with words. High blood pressure in Portuguese is “Hipertensao”; a Heart attack is “Ataque Cardiac”. Technicalities might confuse transcribers and thus result in life or death situations. Most of medical transcription and translation requires the talents of medical transcribers.