Published output not displaying web object in Articulate storyline

My ongoing project requires a web object to be displayed but what I desire is that the project can be used offline;So in that case a local web object needs to be inserted i.e. the one which is saved on my machine.The issue which I’m facing is, the published output does not display the web object that I inserted i.e.the page appears blank.Can anyone tell me what could have possibly resulted this?
Also suggest how to resole this issue…

Make sure that the Address you provided for the local web object leads to a folder with all the the supporting files(.html/.htm,.xml,.js etc).Flag.html/Flag.htm file is of utmost importance as it launches the web object.

For me this happens in case I resize the web object and then try to publuish it.I know the solution is childish but once try publishing without resizing the web object(in case yuo have resized it; otherwise kindly ignore)

Instead of entering the path to your web object in the address section use the browse option to navigate to the folder with all the the supporting files for the web object.

Thanks Ava for replying, but i haven’t resized the web object.

Ava, I’ll appreciate your continuous efforts.
I tried what you suggested, This solved my problem to great extent!!

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Can anyone acknowledge this scenario too: When I try to run the published output using USB its not playing; otherwise its playing fine.

Hi Alex,
I haven’t tried it personally but what I feel is publishing for CD might help.

Thanks William, Publishing for CD solved my problem.