Published quiz folder empty

Howdy folks,

I just created a ppt course with a quiz using iSpring presenter; Now I need to edit the quiz but I am getting the error message “Do you want to locate it manually or create a new quiz?’ when I try to open the file.
Here is what exactly happened…. I created the quiz and published the course. Later I moved the
location of my power point file to the folder produced in the publishing process just so that the power point and zip file would be together. And I get the above error message.
Unfortunately the published quiz folders are empty!!! So where do I locate the quiz?
Many thanks in advance to help me with it….

The source folder for the presentation will contain all the files (quiz, audio, video etc.); if you
wish to move quiz file then just take the presentation and quiz file. When this presentation file is opened using PowerPoint , you find an option to locate the existing quiz on clicking the quiz button where you can browse to the new path.

This happens to me too very often; so I create multiple copies of quiz but still sometimes it vanishes
and is really difficult to relocate. Certainly its frustrating… :disappointed:

All these issues are faced only in case we delete the source folder. Actually when the output is published many folders are created and we generally end up deleting them thinking they are redundant which is not true.

Thank you all; for the valuable suggestions :smile: