Storyline 360 Difference Between Master Slides and Layouts

Few things outshine the proper use of Slide Masters when it comes to working effectively in Articulate Storyline 360. To understand the difference between master slides and layout slides, let take an example of a parent and the child. The parent may have one or more children. While a child’s appearance and behaviour which vary significantly from that of his or her parent and siblings. Each child inherits a variety of traits from their parents. None of a child’s characteristics are passed down to siblings, and none of a child’s characteristics are reminiscent to the parent.

Consider a slide master as a parent and the children are the layout slides.

Slide Masters:
Slide masters in Articulate Storyline are similar to those used in Microsoft PowerPoint. You can use as many slide masters as you want to manage the default themes, colours, fonts, text, and artefacts for slides in your course.

In Articulate Storyline, go to the Slide Master tab or the View tab to access slide masters. There are several templates included within Storyline. You can also save any Storyline project as a prototype. The file will be saved in the My Articulate Projects Storyline Templates folder with the extension *.story template.

A layout inherits all of its parent slide master’s assets, but you can modify each layout to view content in a particular way. The term “slide master” refers to a series of slide templates.

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