Talking Head Videos: A Comprehensive Guide on Video Production

Whether you plan to deliver employee training or simply share your expertise online as a YouTube vlogger, consider making talking head videos. You’ve probably noticed how prevalent they are as an eLearning medium and appeal naturally to the widest possible learning audience.

As such, in this digital age, talking head videos are a great way to engage the head and heart while boosting learner retention. In this article, we’re going to explain why. We’ll also share the easiest way to create compelling videos on your own.

What Is a Talking Head Video?

A talking head video is an interview-style video that features an instructor or subject matter expert who talks directly into the camera as though they are addressing the learner directly.

The instructor is usually off center and accompanied by a blank background or green screen. But sometimes, the instructor’s image is contained in a picture-in-picture (PIP) frame in the corner of the screen, perhaps with a screencast, software simulation, or visuals in the background to highlight or support the points that the speaker is making. To visualize this concept, take a look at this talking head video with the presenter framed at the bottom-left corner of the music production screencast. Learn more.