The 13 Best YouTube Channels on Instructional Design: Watch and Learn

To be a competent instructional designer who creates effective learning and stays up to date, you need to know lots of things and regularly update your knowledge. There are programs in universities, workshops, and many books on instructional design that may help with that. But all of them require quite a lot of time and money. YouTube, on the other hand, is free and available 24/7. There are dozens of YouTube channels on instructional design, from which we chose 13 that we believe to be the best. Check them out.

1. Devlin Peck

If you’re just starting out with instructional design, you may find this eLearning YouTube channel extremely helpful. Its author, Devlin Peck, helps people become instructional designers and land ID opportunities. What are the basics of instructional design? How do you create an eLearning portfolio? What is the life of an instruction designer like? Watch Devlin Peck’s answers to these and many other questions.

Devlin Peck

2. Dr. Luke Hobson

Dr. Luke Hobson is a senior instructional designer and program manager at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Dr. Hobson has a thorough knowledge of online learning that he uses to create effective ecourses, and he shares his knowledge and experience with his viewers. Watch the videos on his channel to learn about different aspects of ID, such as scenario-based learning and working with SMEs to exploring useful tips about the ID degree. Make sure to watch the interviews with eLearning celebrities Karl Kapp, Katie Novak, and others.

Dr. Luke Hobson

3. Instructional Design Tips

The name speaks for itself: if you’re looking for tips on ID, subscribe to this eLearning YouTube channel. There you’ll meet Tom McDowall – a true eLearning geek. Tom invites lots of experts to explain how to use eLearning tools, strategies, and methods. Besides, Tom and his guests discuss the most relevant, pressing issues of online learning to provide an understanding of how one should design training today. This channel might not be the best fit for beginners, but it definitely is so for those who want to freshen up their knowledge.

Instructional Design Tips
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