Top 10 e-learning Authoring Tools

a good list is available on elearninginfo247 -

The only surprising part is neither Captivate, nor Lectora feature on the top 10 list:

  1. DominKnow Claro
  2. Articulate Storyline
  3. ZebraZapps
  4. Courselab
  5. Epic - GoMo
  6. Brainshark
  7. easygenerator
  8. Zenler Studio
  9. iSpring Suite
  10. Camtasia Studio
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The most popular authoring tools in the elearning industry are Articulate Storyline, and Adobe Captivate. One of these tools is a must in a content production shop. Other popular softwares are Lectora, and Camtasia. Camtasia is specifically used for video production.

The ones quoted above by William are desktop based. There is increasing demand and popularity for cloud based authoring tools. Some of the top ones which i have seen are 1. easygenerator, 2. Claro 3. lectora online 4. BrainShark , 5. Zebrazapps

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i know our content creation partner started using elucidat for few months now and they are loving it. so that’s top of our list for online tools.

Take a look at this post. It evaluates Lectora, Captivate, and Storyline, and provides a nice comparison between the three most popular authoring tools in the elearning industry

Thanks everyone for your inputs. Based on our research over the last few weeks, Articulate is currently our pick for creating scorm compliant content. We are also interested in Camtasia for production of pure video content. Along with this, we are planning to evaluate a few online tools, like Gomo, and Claro over the upcoming week.

rshall3612 said:
Take a look at this post. It evaluates Lectora, Captivate, and Storyline, and provides a nice comparison between the three most popular authoring tools in the elearning industry

can you put up the link it seems to be missing

Here you go: I have actually embedded in the above post as well

Looks like this webinar may come in handy.
Not sure how unbiased it will be, given that speaker is from Adobe.

A good list of 2D low level IMI development tools. What about 3D content development? All too often developers shy away from 3D content development because they think it is too time consuming and difficult. Check out Modest3D @ Touting itself as the Next Generation of 3D development tools, Modest3D is a relatively new way to look at content development through an easy to use, rapid 3D development tool. Great if you are interested in taking your content to the next level.

Hi Seem - Thanks for your kind words about Elucidat! Here’s a direct link to our web site for anyone interested in finding out more.

Hi Paul,

I think you already look into this ebbok. i thought might be useful for others also

Please take this - Free E-book “Online Learning Technology Toolkit for Training Managers” to know most popular authoring tools that are currently being used by training managers

Paul, here is a link to the comparison chart of the desktop tools:
Captivate vs Storyline vs iSpring
Hope you’ll find it helpful.

And easygenerator (nr 7) is now available for free for people from educational institutes!

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Ob3 is a company we support that enables users to create and collaborate on media rich docs. Would be keen to get your thoughts

From the content house perspective, when you are a service to other companies there are 2 scenarios for tools.

  1. Whatever the tool - I want the course (w/ some specs, and SCORM compliant in most of the cases)
  2. Specific tool - like, Cp, or Sl

So when you grow you need to have more than 1 tool, and with large projects you need more than 5 :slight_smile:


We recently did a post on all the handy tools that could be used to build e-learning courses here.
Includes, not only authoring tools but animation, review , video, screen capture. Do share, if we have missed any.

I think this will help you about elearning authoring tools

Creation of construction and millwork drawings, photoreal 3D renderings for products and projects. Specialities: architectural rendering, product 3d modeling, 3D interior visualization.

Though there are various best authoring tools and each tool has its own identity to stand in the race of technology by integrating the components that are required for the learners so as to enhance the learning experience and retention.

click on the below link to see some of the tools that are tailored to meet the learner needs: