Top 8 eLearning Simulation Software for Creating Hands-on Experiences

Let’s imagine the following situation. Your factory has purchased new, innovative equipment and now your primary task is to train the production staff (for the record, over a hundred workers!) to operate this new machinery. Or let’s say you are a call center that needs to train all the agents on how to communicate with customers correctly. How will you complete this quest? Will you host face-to-face training sessions for all your staff (but think how much time it will take)? Or maybe you will email a PDF manual with detailed instructions to your employees (but are you sure they will work it out)?

The most effective way to conduct training is to let your learners ‘do’ instead of telling them ‘how to do.’ And with modern technology, you don’t even need to hire mentors who will take your employees under their wing. You can provide your learners with hands-on experience through simulation-based eLearning.

In this post, we’ll cover three main types of simulations that can be created for different training needs and take a look at various eLearning simulation software designed for these purposes.
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