Top 9 Free eLearning Authoring Tools

Are you looking for a free authoring tool that will let you create eLearning courses? You’ve probably almost given up on finding a decent solution with no hidden costs or time limits. But here’s some good news! We’ve done some deep research and tested nine courseware that cost nothing. Read on to learn which free eLearning authoring tools are available, and their strengths and weaknesses. But first, let’s see what kind of software such a tool entails.

What Is an eLearning Authoring Tool?

An eLearning authoring tool is software that enables you to create digital educational content to share with learners via a learning management system, or on the Web. Digital learning content includes e-courses, video lectures, quizzes, and simulations, and more.

Some tools are focused only on building one type of training content, such as video tutorials or assessments, while others comprise a set of tools under one roof that cover a lot of tasks instructional designers or educators might need to deal with. But when speaking about free solutions, it should be noted that their functionality is quite limited compared to paid ones, but let’s have a look at what they offer.

Here’s a list of the best free eLearning authoring tools.