Two or more audio files should not play simultaneously in Lectora

I need to add multiple audio files on a single page; so I need to be sure that these files are not played simultaneously in any case, else it would be a mess. On that page there exist separate buttons for each audio file to play. Clicking these buttons ensure playing of that particular audio file but if I click on another button before the currently playing audio is completed; the new audio file starts playing even though the previous audio file is still playing in the background. I don’t want this to happen; In such situation first the previously playing audio should stop and then the new one should play….
Please suggest some options how to do this.

According to me you are facing this problem as you are simply attaching a single action with the play button for the audio; You need to add more actions. Say if you are having 3 audios then the actions attached to play button of audio 3 is ‘(Play audio 3 , stop audio 1, stop audio 2) on click’. Similarly you can add for other audio files.

Instead of adding multiple stops ; create an action group in which you add stop action for all audios.Use this action group before the play action. This will first stop any audio which is playing and then will play the audio linked to the clicked button.

Thanks for the different solutions :relaxed: . Both ways things worked great!!