What is Scorm? Do I need it?

We produce our training content in PPT, and doc formats. I recently picked up that scorm is the industry standard for elearning content creation. What is this? How do I use it?

whenever you record something you want to (re)play it anywhere and everywhere…SCORM enables that, best place to start is

If you are asking this question, then it means that you are pretty new to elearning: so, welcome! Scorm is the elearning industry standard format to exchange elearning content. It contains embedded html for running an interactive course. It also helps store info regarding embedded quizzes, student progress, completion status etc. It interacts with most LMS (learning management systems) and is able to provide basic level of analytics related to the students taking the course.

In summary, as opposed to a video, or a static powerpoint, Scorm provides for the interactivity (similar to a flash file), and also provides reporting capabilities to the LMS.

Yes, you need it :slight_smile: Especially if you are planning to adopt a learning management system within your organization. All popular elearning authoring tools spit out scorm as a standard format. Scorm files can be directly uploaded to any LMS.

SCORM stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model and is a collection of standards ensuring content compatibility with any SCORM compliant LMS.


LMS SCORM compliance allows different Authoring software tools usage;
A possibility to reuse old eLearning courses content, upload external one or transfer all the courses to a new Learning Management System within a few mouse clicks;
Efforts, time and money saving on content creation;
ELearning program adaptiveness to individual and corporate requirements;
Additional profit by selling SCORM compliant eLearning content;
SCORM can exist outside LMS software, which means you can easily place the SCORM file on your website without LMS installation and give even unregistered users right to access your materials (Create a Demo for example).

source https://goo.gl/uMiMwi

The answer for this is best explained in this blog: https://www.paradisosolutions.com/blog/scorm-lms-compatible/

SCORM stands for “Shareable Content Object Reference Model.” In a nutshell, it is a set of technical standards for e-learning software products. The main benefit of a SCORM complaint LMS is interoperability between e-learning software products. Content can be produced using a variety of tools such as Articulate or Captivate and can be used in any LMS, like ShareKnowledge.

Check this blog post about what SCORM compliance is.