What is SCORM? The Right Definition in Simple Words

What Is SCORM?
SCORM is an international standard for e-courses. If your course is published in the SCORM format, you can be sure that almost any learning management system (LMS) will recognize it.

Standards are important in any field. Let’s take the movie-making industry as an example. When you buy a DVD, you’re sure that you’ll be able to watch it with any DVD player: Toshiba or Panasonic — it just doesn’t matter. This is possible because DVD is an accepted standard; that’s why film studios don’t have to produce different types of discs for each brand of player.

Unfortunately, that was the situation in eLearning before the noughties: courses were created for a platform. An e-course created for one system wouldn’t work in another. If a university changed its LMS, it would lose its entire collection of courses, as well as the thousands dollars spent on their development. In 2001, the SCORM format put the eLearning market in order.

In fact, SCORM is a list of technical requirements. This list tells us how to make a course that will work on any platform – there’s a detailed description of the e-course structure and the principles of its interaction with LMSs.
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